How to be a Foster

Fostering is Easy

We will never send you an aggressive dog, but we may send you a dog who is afraid of things. That said, for all dogs the best fosters would have a fenced yard, no other young dogs, and no children. We provide food, bedding and toys plus some other extras. We only expect you to foster up to two months. Six days a week we will arrange to pick up your pup for two hours of training.

Great, if you've Lost a Dog

Some times it's not a good thing to replace a dog you've lost. Fostering let's you get your dog "fix" without having the full-time responsiblity of ownership.

You Need to be Responsible

We will send you a questionnaire and ask for references about your dog skills. If there is every any trouble with the dog we will take it right back. But we work hard to match you with a dog you will enjoy and who desires your company.

We'll be Here with You

Never fostered before? Not a problem, we will hold your hand every step of the way to make certain the temporary living conditions work for you and the dog.

You'll be Saving a Dog's Life

We don't mind if our fosters decide to adopt the dog, but if you don't you need big shoulders.  Giving up a foster can be heartbreaking--just keep in mind the dog is going to a home better suited for his personality and breed.

How to Sign Up

There is a Contact Us form toward the end of our Home page. Fill that in and a member of Aarrf will contact you, get the paperwork rolling and schedule a meeting at your home.