In Need of a Home

Meet Lucky, a Shepherd/Border Collie Mix

ADOPTED IN HER FOREVER HOME!  Lucky is a beautiful girl. At just over a year and one half she is loaded with love. On the first day of her surrender she was cuddling  me and rolling over for belly rubs. She likes to wake me up with kisses. She's a big girl, more like a shepherd than collie. Her coat is luxurious with tufts of fur around her ears and the backs of her legs. She has a huge bushy tail that needs some combing, but otherwise she is low maintenance as far as coat. She is spayed, microchipped, housetrained and was up to date on all her vaccines,

Meet Utah, a Retriever/Shepherd Mix

  Utah, Retriever/Shepherd Mix 

My name’s Utah and my retriever genes make me well mannered, respectful and loving. I’m a young 5 years old with the working genes of a shepherd so I am very willing to please. I love kids and other dogs, and I’m not real vocal. I’m good at general obedience and I like to walk on leash. I also like to chase cats, but I’ll always come back. I'm neutered, chipped sand house broken. Right now I’m with a Whiskers, Tails and Ferals foster and looking to find an owner for whom I can earn their love and respect, and maybe do agility together.  

Met Guy, A Shepherd Mix with a Need to Please

My name’s Guy and I’m a Dutch Shepherd mix, neutered, chipped, housebroken, smart loving, loyal and all that stuff, but I’m a working dog that needs a job to earn the love and care of my master. I really aim to please and would love to try agility.  I’m only 7 months old am black with tan and fawn highlights. I’m great with people, dogs and kids, but not so good with toddlers ‘cause I’m big. I have to grow into my ears, but I'll be a very good guard dog. I am in foster with the Napa Valley German Shepherd Rescue and we are working with Aarff to find me a forever home.