Old School Bodybuilding Mags and Books

Men's Bodybuilding Mags

This collection begins in the late 1960s with Ironman mags published by Perry and Mabel Rader, the full set of Natural Bodybuilding magazines published by Mike Dayton and Chet Yorton, through some of 1980s Weider pubs including the coverage of Arnold's controversial 7th Mr. Olympian when Tom Platz clearly should have been the winner!

Women's Bodybuilding Mags

All copies of Strength Training for Beauty, the magazine that launched women's bodybuilding into the mainstream of sports. Includes copies of Women's Bodybuilding, Best of STFB and Fit magazines. Each copy sold comes with a bon us sleeve of 35 mm slides from the 1980s.

Bodybuiilding Books

From some of Don Ross's early publicataions, picture books, old training books, the original Freestyle Training for women, and the Getting Strong Series. Must haves for any true afficianado. Timeless training advice from before the over-abuse of steroids, growth hormone and other size enhancers.

Men's Bodybuilding Mags--Natural Bodybuilder

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